"Unante" - Second Edition, by John Sells

Now available! This revised and re-edited comprehensive work on Karate, Ryukyu Kobudo and its associated Okinawan arts has been re-released in as a second edition. The book is approximately 1/3 thicker, with lots of additions and corrections. Author John Sells has provided an important work for those interested in arts with roots in Okinawan history. Click here for more information.

The Karateka Keizu wall chart. This large (23" X 30") lineage chart is printed on heavy quality stock paper, and is a great companion resource for the book "Unante". Click here for more information.

28 pages of Genealogies; Chronology; Terminology.
Over 160 Photos and Illustrations.
500 pages.
ISBN: 0-910704-96-1

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