Hojo Jitsu: Samurai Rope-Tying Arts
Don Angier Soke

Was used by the Samurai warriors and police of Japan to capture and secure enemy warriors and prisoners. The knots are both effective and decorative, showing respect for the subject and skill in their art. It was once routinely taught as part of many traditional Jiu-Jitsu systems, but is now in danger of extinction.

All of the basics and techniques are fully explained and demonstrated in this rare and exciting tape. It is a must for every serious martial artist's library. A collectors' quality work, first time shown outside of Japan.

Color, 60 minutes, NTSC or Pal.

Specify Volume I or II.

This video is no longer offered by the W.M. Hawley Library.
Please contact the Bugei Trading Comapany for this title.