Unless otherwise specified, Culture Charts are available in large (22`` x 34``) and small (17`` x 22``) sizes.

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Japanese Culture Charts

Karateka Keizu (#25)

A large 23" x 30" heavy card stock wall chart to follow up the second edition of "Unante", includes all of the updated genealogies. Very nicely printed and laid out chart for home or dojo. Not available in a set.
Price: $30.00; $6.00 US ground shipping.
(This chart is shipped rolled; up to 5 charts may be included in the $6.00 cost of shipping/one address.)

Japanese Phonetic Symbols (#7)
     Katakana, Hirigana, Hentaigana, Manyogana forms and other symbols.     
Japanese Sword (#11)
     Types, nomenclature, methods of forging, famous makers and care of blades.     
Prints By Hiroshige (#15)
     Title panels of the principal series.     
Japanese Crest Design (#21)
     The "Mon" or heraldic badges with their names and the important families that have used them. See also "Mon" book.     
Japanese Chronology (#23)
     Lists of Gods, Emperors, Shoguns and year by year table of Year Periods.     
Japanese Swordsmith Schools (#24)
     Large map of Japan divided into provinces with the Koto and Shinto Schools designated. (Available only in small size)     

Chinese Culture Charts

The Chinese Radicals (#1)
     The 214 index characters of all modern chinese dictionaries; hand written.     
Evolution Of Chinese Writing (#2)
     The 224 primitives traced through the successeive stages from 1200 BC to date.     
Abbreviated Chinese Characters (#3)
     800 abbreviated and alternate forms arranged by radical for quick reference.     
Ancient Chinese Characters (#4)
     The 540 lesser seal radicals arranged under keys to simplify their location.     
The Shuo Wen Radicals (#5)
     An index to the Shuo Wen dictionary of 200 AD, arranged in the original order.     
Chinese Seal Characters (#6)
     The 540 Shuo Wen radicals arranged in the modern dictionary order.     
Thousand Character Classic (#8)
     Written in the "grass" or running-hand style of characters for students (available only in larger size).     
Technique Of Chinese Writing (#9)
     The fine points in the manipulation of the brush explained in detail.     
The First 500 Characters (#10)
     Hand written and with stroke order for practice with the brush.     
Chinese Art Symbols (#12)
     Illustrations and symbolical meanings of 160 of the most important symbols.     
Chinese Dragons (#13)
     Pictures and descriptions of many forms.     
Chinese Bronzes (#14)
     Various types; nomenclature and uses.     
Fanciful Seal Characters (#16)
     128 forms used by seal engravers.     
Romanization Of Chinese (#17)
     Cross-reference table to seven systems.     
Chinese Phonetic Elements (#18)
     1040 elements in the regular, running-hand, and lesser seal forms with sounds.     
Chinese Chronology (#19)
     Year by year index to Chinese dates with cyclical characters and parallel dynasties.     
Chinese Dynasties (#20)
     Rulers and year names of all the principle dynasties with the early dating corrected.     
Chinese Pictographs (#22)
     Interpretations of 176 inscriptions from Shang and Chou bronze vessels and weapons.