Hawley's Japanese Swordsmiths, by W.M. Hawley

This Commemorative Centenary Edition (1896-1996) limited release 2-volume set. In celebration of the centenary of Willis M. Hawley - Orientalist, collector and author, the Hawley Library has updated, revised and re-issued this important Sword Reference work. It is a compilation of over 30,000 swordsmiths of Japan, and includes information regarding where and when smiths worked, how they signed their blades (Kanji and Romanji of names and signatures), and a relative rating of their work. Also included is a quick reference on terminology, temperlines, the Kanji of inscriptions, provinces, honorary titles. The previous edition has served as the collectors/ apprasiers bible (in English) for many years, and is a must-have for sword enthusiasts.

Volume I: A-N
Volume II: N-Z
1050 pages in two volumes.
ISBN: 0-910704-90-2

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