Bushido Of The 47 Samurai, by Ichiyusai Kuniyoshi


A limited issue work in the works, availability to be announced. This is a rare reproduction and full translation of Ichiyusai Kuniyoshi's series entitled "Seichu Gishi Den" (1847). Fifty-one full color plates set side by side with the English translation text: Lord's Asano and Kira, the 47 Ronin, and Kayano and Jinzaburo. A synopsis of the incident and repercussions, historical background, with two block prints by Master Hasegawa Konobu (c. 1900) of the attack and aftermath.

Read W.M. Hawley's overview of this famous story (including six woodblocks) here.

Translation by:
Toshishiro Obata and Panchita Hawley
260 pages, 8.5 x 11 softcover.
ISBN: 0-910704-87-2

Price: Not yet available! Call for more information.